After Hours At The Violet Club

by The Dissociates

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released October 4, 2016



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The Dissociates London

London Punk Rock

Safety Second Records | Household Name Records | Disorder Records |

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Track Name: Delete All
You’re crawling up the road
I see you in my tail lights
A kinda face like a setting sun
Telling me I’m still the only one

She said must be a way to delete all
Don’t want you in my history
Must be a way to...cut you
And save me

Little box full of little lives
Hidden here like a spider’s egg sack
Little glimpse of what could have been
Little words you know you can't take back

She said must be a way to delete all
Don’t want you in my history
Must be a way to
Cut you
And save me

This ones yours
That ones mine
Waste of time
Track Name: Dial House
The grey eyed girl's looking over his shoulder
Every time he laughs she feels herself getting older
The garden gate is banging in the wind
Semaphore for a war you know she'll never win

She's got the baby, she's got the car
But for the life of her she can't remember where they are
He's washing dishes in the sink
It's not a school night but it's later than he thinks
And she ain't giving an inch

Back then when she didn't agree
She'd chain herself to a tree
Now she just clicks unfriend
And starts over again

She wants to move to Dial House
And make a new start
Well he just smiled cos
She can’t even start the car
She moved to Dial House
With her new friends
It’s kind of cold in the sleeping bag
I think it's gonna happen again

The start's gotta come from your heart

They chopped down all of her trees
It’s spreading like a disease
Come chain yourself on to me
Track Name: Radio Galway
Three years on the 15th floor
Took me two more just to shut the door
Wake up with the setting sun
Taste in my mouth of last night’s rum

A place where we could all hide
From the rest of our lives

I’m blinded by the flashing lights
Money flows through my hands every night
I’m propped up by the weight of sound
Don’t look me up on your way down

Fist fights with middle aged men
We’re down the Eagle again

Come on and listen
To our transmission
This is Radio Galway
We’ll broadcast to the town
Until they knock it down
Radio Galway every day

Come on and listen
To the last transmission
This is Radio Galway
We broadcast to the town
And now they’ve knocked it down
Radio Galway died today

The lift is out of order
And that’s just fine by me
Cos I can’t face you
Can’t take more misery
Go if you’ve got to go
But don’t take the radio
Cos I can’t get by

I’m fifteen stories high
Sun in my eyes
And all those long forgotten years
Ringing in my ears

We are still listening
Track Name: Longplayer
His eyes seemed to glow like the fire
In a switched off amplifier
As he gave his jacket to me
I said I’d see him here next year
He said something I didn’t hear
He was gone the following Tuesday

Back when this country still had coal
And decent rock and roll
He wasn’t building the Vulcan bomber
He was singing in the clubs
In the rain and in the pubs
Where they built your new McDonald's

Years spinning by like his old 45's
Too young for Korea
But too proud to wear a tie
Since 1955

Now he’s in the sky with his wife
Singing songs from a time
Before this was just a hair do
Some heroes don’t wear medals
Don’t carry guns they hold guitars
Don’t throw out their blue suede shoes

I can’t wear your jacket
I’ll never sing like you

Spend your life punching clocks
And wait for the golden watch
But there’s still a voice inside of you
We’ve used up all the coal
Still got no self control
Couldn’t stop this if we wanted to

He was a long player